100% Grass Fed Beef

Happy Animals, Healthy Meat

That's the philosophy of Lucky 3 Farm.


We are a small veteran-owned farm in Franklin County, NC raising animals the old-fashioned way - slowly, humanely, and organically. We don't use pesticides or herbicides on our pastures, we don't give our animals hormones or antibiotics, and animal welfare is top priority. 


We have a small herd of cattle so we can intensely focus on their health, their welfare, the quality of meat they produce, and growing the most nutritious grasses year-round for them to enjoy. This results in incredibly delicious, nutrient-dense gourmet beef.


We believe in what we're doing & we're passionate about it. Period. Which is:

  • Healing the land (sustainable agriculture)

  • Producing healthier meat for consumers (yes, it's possible)

  • Treating our animals humanely (Happy Animals, Healthy Meat)

  • Providing gourmet meats & selling direct to local consumers (makes sense, doesn't it?)


We look forward to getting to know you and to healing our earth, you, and ourselves.


Calvin, Traci & Rachel Nachtrab

Proud to be a Farmer Veteran.