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100% Grass Fed Beef


Our cattle eat grass. And only grass. That's 100% grass fed & finished.


There is a lot of work that goes into making our gourmet beef. Our cows take quite a bit longer to mature on only grass versus grain-fed cows – normally 2+ years. We also do a lot of research and trials to get the best grasses to grow year-round for our cows. Worth it? Totally.


Our gourmet grass fed, grass finished beef is dry aged for 14 days, cut into small portions, vacuum packed, and then flash frozen. It’s ready to go into your freezer! Lucky 3 Farm beef is processed at a local meat processing facility that is USDA inspected and Animal Welfare approved. Our 100% grass fed beef is a great value. You know where your meat is coming from, you know it’s healthy for you, and you know it’s safe. And the taste is incomparable!

We sell our beef by halves and wholes and occasionally smaller $500 packages.

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