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Cooking Tips for Pastured Meats


By now, you know that 100% Grass Fed Beef and other pasture-raised meats are leaner and healthier for you.


What you may not know is that grass fed beef cooks up 30% faster than grain fed beef because there is less fat. Pasture-raised meats, in general, have less fat than conventionally raised meats, therefore they need a bit more preparation to get the optimal flavor and tenderness.


Here are a few cooking tips to help you prepare your meats so it’s tender and juicy:

Coat meats in olive oil before grilling. This will prevent sticking and help to retain moisture.

Marinate lean cuts before cooking. Lean cuts are steaks, London Broil, pork chops, chicken breasts, etc.

LOW & SLOW. Cook slower and at lower temperatures.

Add moisture to cuts like chuck roasts while cooking (water, gravy, beef broth.)

Never use a fork that will puncture your meat while turning. Use tongs!



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Here’s a PDF from Eating Fresh with more grass fed cooking tips.

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