We are Calvin, Traci & Rachel Nachtrab of Lucky 3 Farm.


We are lucky. We've realized a dream - to own a farm, complete with cows, a potbellied pig named Betty Sue, chickens, cats and dogs. Animals are a passion of ours and that's apparent when you visit the farm. We strongly believe that animals that nourish our minds and bodies deserve the utmost respect and care. And that's exactly what we give them - from birth to processing. We are also very committed to helping heal our earth and providing people with good, clean, honest meats from a real, small farm.


We love the simplicity and peace of farming - it was what we were meant to do and it's in our blood. The land we are farming on has been in Traci's family for several generations. Calvin grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, so he's no stranger to the hard work of farming. Traci was born and raised here in Louisburg, not a 1/4 mile from the farm, and never got "country" out of her system. You know what they say - "you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl."


We met while Calvin was in the Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune. It was love at first sight. We got married a few years after and, eventually, moved to Traci's hometown of Louisburg, NC. Calvin missed farming so they purchased some land from Traci's Grandmother and built a home and farm in 1998. This was the same year our daughter, Rachel, was born. (It was a very busy year!)


Some people ask where we got the name "Lucky 3 Farm". Well, we are three lucky people. Blessed in every way. Plus, Rachel and Traci have this unusual talent for finding four leaf clovers. They can find 10-12 at a time!


We invite you to get to know us. Read our blog. Visit our farm. We look forward to getting to know you,


Calvin, Traci, & Rachel Nachtrab

Proud to be a Farmer Veteran.